Our firm’s staff of experienced litigators – Thomas McCormick, Keith Kasper, Eric Johnson, Daniel Burchard, and Jason Ferreira – are also available to serve as mediators in a wide variety of civil actions filed in either state or federal court, including personal injury actions, product liability actions, contract disputes, landlord/tenant disputes and insurance coverage disputes.

McCormick, Fitzpatrick, Kasper & Burchard is one of the leading firms performing mediation services for contested workers’ compensation matters within the Vermont Workers’ Compensation system. Even before mandatory mediation became part of the Act in 2008, we had been actively involved in the voluntary mediation of contested claims. Our mediators, Keith Kasper, Jason Ferreira and Eric Johnson, have been very successful in assisting the parties in reaching compromise resolutions, sometimes involving unique agreements due to our lawyer’s long experience litigating contested workers’ compensation matters. Our downtown Burlington location makes us convenient for out of state attorneys and parties.

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